About us

Our consultancy was founded in 1974 in Darmstadt as a service company in the area of tax consulting and auditing by Dipl.-Kfm. Werner Dächert.

Today, our innovative and service oriented tax consultancy is managed by Anja Dächert (MBA), who is supported by a competent team of about 30 qualified staff.

Almost 5 decades of serving the most diverse clients have provided us with a wide range of experience and outstanding know-how. Over the years, the scope of consulting and our service portfolio have steadily grown. Thanks to our wide scope of services as well as our holistic consulting approach you can rely on our comprehensive and creative solutions.

What is more, we are well-versed in the local conditions and the economic situation of the companies in our region. Thanks to mutual trust and confidence, we have been able to build close relationships on many levels. We maintain a close working relationship with several notaries public, lawyers and business consultants in order to be able to provide you with competent and well-founded consulting at any time even in legal and organizational issues. If necessary, you will always have access to the combined competence of specialists from different disciplines. We are thus able to quickly and efficiently work out the ideal solution for your needs.

We see ourselves as a partner of midsized companies. We work for public limited companies as well as private companies and business partnerships, individual enterprises, associations, clubs, for self-employed and private persons. The health sector is one of our core areas. Here, we count doctors, pharmacists, care institutions and other healing professions among our clients.

The basis for a performance on the highest level of professionalism and quality is formed by the consistent continued education and specialization as well as the personal commitment of our employees. We are convinced that the success of our office is also based on the trustful, personal dialogue with our clients. We put a special emphasis on building and growing this personal relationship and on maintaining it with our personal commitment.